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Why supplement your dog?

Puppies Town and CountryWhen veterinarians are asked, “What should I feed my dog?” most will say, “Just feed a good quality dog food.” In most situations this recommendation is absolutely correct, because most supplements are just adding more nutrients to an already well fortified dog food. Fido-Vite is different. Fido-Vite is designed to nutritionally support intestinal health and a perfect complement to your regular dog food.

If we took that yogurt and made it into a kibble, the health benefits would be destroyed due to the heat of processing. This makes adding probiotics, like what is in yogurt, to dog food difficult and costly to do. Dog food is for feeding the dog. Fido-Vite is for nutritionally supporting intestinal health and wellness. This is why we say, “Improving health…from the inside out.”

improving health… from the inside out!