Cat Biotic is designed to improve nutrient absorbability of your cat food. Cat Biotic works like “supercharged yogurt”” to improve the digestion process, improve intestinal wellness and prevent problems like thrush (candida) and diarrhea.

We have all seen the commercial on TV where the actress tells us to eat yogurt for two weeks to improve our health. If we took that yogurt and made it into a kibble, the health benefits would be destroyed due to the heat of processing. This makes adding probiotics, like what is in yogurt, to cat food difficult and costly to do. If yogurt has the seeds to intestinal health, then Cat-Biotic is providing those seeds along with fertilizer (prebiotics) and a layer of mulch (b.subtilis) to hold down the weeds like campylobacter, clostridia and salmonella (diarrhea causing pathogens). But Cat-Biotic doesn’t stop there, with ingredients to help intestinal repair, improve nutrient availability, omega 3 for skin and coat health. Intestinal wellness is the secret to a great shiny coat and overall health and wellness. Cat food is for feeding the cat. Cat-Biotic is for feeding intestinal health and wellness. This is why we say, “Improving health…from the inside out.”


Cat in Grass


improving health… from the inside out!