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Equi-Shine – A Ration Balancer

A Healthy Animal Starts with Nutrition

Do you know exactly what your horses’ diet looks like? Are all their nutritional needs being met?  Instead of asking yourself those questions, we have a tool (Equi-Shine Ration Analyzer) that will give you those answers.

Nutrition is something we can get our arms around, so why not!  We like to think that our tool (graph shown below) represents that of an x-ray, the results are black and white. It minimizes assumptions and eliminates the variables. Maybe your horse has a completely balanced diet or maybe it is lacking in certain areas, but how do you really know without having it analyzed?

(Above diet is with forage in green, 2oz of salt in yellow and 4oz of Equi-Shine Pellets in red)

Completely Balanced Mineral & Vitamin Supplements

Benefits of Doctors Choice Supplements

  • Driving performance and stamina
  • Supports normal fertility
  • Supporting healthy immune systems
  • Building blocks to hoof integrity
  • A jump start to healthy foals
  • Supporting longevity for less active and senior horses
  • Sustaining a normal healthy bloom for overall health and haircoat quality
  • Nutritionally powering Champions
  • Enhancing quality of life for all horses
  • Provides essential missing components of low concentrate diets
  • Research proven products that provide optimal absorbability


With feed costs continuing on the rise, you can be assured that we will never sacrifice quality for the health of your loved ones.

With the cost of the products increasing, we ask that you please keep in mind cost per day, not cost per bag, when evaluating your feeding program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have a good quality feed why should I feed supplements?

I'm feeding my horse a good grain mix, isn't this enough?? I have good quality hay isn't this enough too? Most commercial grain mixes are formulated to be fed at a 1 lb per 100 lbs of body weight.  That means for an average 1000 lb horse, the feeding rate for that grain would be 10 lbs a day.  Most horse owners do not feed close to that amount of grain.  Horses cannot tolerate high amounts of grain and it would be a disaster to feed that much.  By top dressing the vitamins and minerals on the feed you can ensure your horse is receiving the needed levels regardless of the amount of grain being fed. Dried hay contains only certain vitamins and minerals and if you are not supplementing them in the diet, the individual is not receiving them.

What is the difference between metallic and chelated (organic) mineral?

Chelated or organic minerals are a more absorbable form of mineral than metallic.  Just because a product is sold as a chelated (organic) mineral does not mean that all of the minerals in the product are chelated.  If one ingredient in a vitamin and mineral product is chelated the final product can be marketed and labeled as chelated (organic).  As a consumer you need to be aware of exactly what ingredients are indeed chelated or organic.

I have an older horse who seems to be having trouble keeping weight on even though they get the same high quality hay and grain they have always gotten. What is wrong?

Older horses begin to absorb less nutrients from their diet as their intestinal tract ages. It is also widely believed that the ability to synthesize some vitamins, such as B & C, decreases with age. It is important to supplement them with highly absorbable organic minerals and vitamins as well as a digestive aid such as yeast and/or probiotics to support feed efficiency. Many older horses also benefit from supplementation with Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  It is also critically important to maintain good dental health via annual exams by a qualified equine dental health professional. If your older horse is missing teeth, or having trouble chewing hay (as evidenced by clumps or wads of chewed hay), you may need to add an alternative forage source such as chopped hay, soaked beet pulp, or wet hay cubes. Continue to offer some hay to encourage the horse to chew, which produces saliva and protects the intestinal tract from ulcers.

Client Testimonial

Like many breeders, we were concerned about the well-being of our aging stallion, Boomer. Although Boomer had good quality hay and pelleted senior feed for his calorie requirements, as well as a regular dental program, I was worried about what seemed like an irreversible loss of flesh and condition, poor coat quality, and declining energy and mobility. In March 2006, Boomer was started on Equi-Shine Jump Start, Rice Bran and Daily Start Probiotic supplements. The change that Equi-Shine supplements has made in him in one short year is dramatic.

- Heidi Harvey Oldfield Morgans
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