The history of Equi-Shine goes back many years.  I have been an Equine Veterinarian for over 50 years. I have been involved in nutrition for more than 40 years and I developed Equi-Shine because there was no product on the market to fit the needs and deal with the nutritional problems I was seeing in my own equine practice.  I am enjoying the results I am seeing with the horses in my practice and my own Morgan horses that my wife, daughter and I enjoy raising and showing.

The ultimate goal of Doctors Choice Supplements and myself in feeding horses, is to ensure each individual horse receives the required amount of nutrients for its needs. It is impossible to feed many classes of horses, from the fat, easy keeper, to the thin performance horse, the same type of feed and expect to meet the mineral and vitamin requirements. The minerals and vitamins received in the quantity of feed must be determined and additional must be top-dressed, if required to meet the individual’s needs.  An example of this can be seen when you contact a team member to have a nutritional consult done.  At Doctors Choice Supplements we have a tool that takes away any questions you may have in regard to the diet of your horse.  This tool is called the Equi-Shine Ration Analyzer.  We can create and evaluate any type of diet requirement from miniatures to draft type horses, from maintenance diets to lactating and intensive work.  The ration analyzer minimizes assumptions and eliminates the variables.  No matter what you are feeding we can do any diet for any horse.  Nutrition is something we can get our arms around, so why not.  Doctors Choice Supplements is committed to enhancing nutritional performance of the equine as well as increasing the educational awareness of proper nutrition to equine owners.

R. Dean Meyer, DVM