Rescue dogs face unique challenges. Most of the time these dogs come from less than ideal living conditions at the same time being fed a poor diet or even some level of starvation. We then transport them long distances at the same time they may be exposed to other dogs that may have been raised in similar conditions. Also, rapid changes in diet and water source only add to the challenges facing these rescue dogs. Skin issues, scratching and diarrhea are symptoms of a dog with an out-of-balance microbiome (intestinal flora) and depressed immune function (70% of immunity is located in the intestinal tract). These added stressors mean increased nutrient demands for your dog as well as needed intestinal health support.

ResQdogz is a nutritionally balanced supplement delivered in a powdered form, so all the vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes that would have been destroyed by the kibble making process are available to support digestive health in your new family member. ResQdogs also contains turmeric and prebiotic pumpkin to support a healthy dog. Limited protein ingredients that are different from our other supplements as well as no chicken fat (all our supplements are chicken protein free) means there is a real choice to our other supplements.