Sand A Way

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  • Psyllium powder.
  • Intended for horses grazing or fed on sandy ground where the risk of ingesting sand is high.
  • Most beneficial to feed in the fall season when pastures are short, or to individuals on sandy ground year long when not frozen.


Crude Protein (Min) 0.5%
Crude Fiber (Max) 85.0%

Psyllium Seed Husk. Dextrose. Artificial Flavor.

Health Benefits

  • Supports a healthy intestinal tract

    A psyllium based product can help support a clean, healthy intestinal tract.

  • Aids in preventing sand build up in the intestinal tract

    Psyllium is a vegetable fiber believed to stimulate peristalsis, the wavelike contractions that push ingested material through the intestine.

Feeding Instructions

Powder form.

For one week out of the month, feed 1 scoop twice daily per horse.

Scoop enclosed.

**When supplementing with a psyllium product studies have shown to feed a probiotic along with it to prevent resistance.**

Formulated to be fed along with a balanced diet.


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