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  • Aids in water consumption.
  • Formulated to replace minerals lost during periods of stress, intense exercise or during times of high heat or humidity.
  • Contains 30% salt.
  • No sugar.
  • Designed to be top dressed on the feed.



Calcium (Min) 0.2%
Calcium (Max) 0.4%
Phosphorus (Min) 0.5%
Salt (Min) 31.0%
Salt (Max) 33.0%
Sodium (Min) 12.0%
Sodium (Max) 14.0%
Chloride (Min) 27.0%
Magnesium (Min) 0.3%
Potassium (Min) 9.0%
Zinc (Min) 35 PPM
Manganese (Min) 1,750 PPM

Corn Distillers Dried Grains. Salt. Potassium Chloride. Hydrolyzed Yeast. Magnesium Sulfate. Mineral Oil. Manganese Sulfate. Monocalcium Phosphate. Dicalcium Phosphate.


Health Benefits

  • Essential Minerals

    Comprised of specific minerals lost in sweat. Beneficial for horses who have lost electrolytes due to excessive sweating from strenuous exercise or hot weather. Rapidly replenishes important electrolytes including sodium, chloride and potassium. Replacing electrolytes helps prevent dehydration and relieve muscle stiffness and tiredness.

  • Enhances Water Consumption

    With a salt base, it encourages horses to consume an adequate amount of water. Feeding during frigid temperatures as well reduces the possibility of compromised situations and promotes hydration.

Feeding Instructions

Granular form.

To be added to the feed.

Give 2 ounces per day during high heat, strenuous activity or frigid temperatures.

One ounce scoop enclosed.

Formulated to be fed along with a balanced diet.



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