Weight – Is your dog overweight?

It is estimated that 30-40% of dogs in the United States are over-weight and should be on a restricted diet. Another large percentage of dogs have the correct body score, but do not require any more energy. Restricting dog food will work for losing and/or maintaining weight, but other important nutrients needed by the dog are restricted as well. Fido-Vite puts back essential vitamins and trace minerals that diet restriction took out. Fido-Vite also has probiotics that nutritionally support a healthy digestive tract.

A 40 lb dog on a weight loss diet of 2 cups a day (8oz) AAFCO Adult Maintenance Dog Food and 1 oz of Fido-Vite K9 Supplement.

% of Required Supplied (NRC)

*Not required by National Research Council
** Linoleic acid only omega fatty acid required by NRC

A 40 lb. dog on a weight loss diet of 2 cups/day (8 oz) AAFCO Adult Maintenance dog food and 1 oz. of Fido-Vite.