So, your dog has diarrhea! The stress of a dog in a shelter, kennel or other changes in environment, food and water can bring on diarrhea due to a disruption of the intestinal flora (microbiome) as well as exposure to diarrhea causing pathogens.

North Carolina State did a trial that showed that proactively supplementing with a probiotic/prebiotic combo can reduce the chance of diarrhea in a shelter/boarding situation.  All Fido-Vite products contain probiotics and a combination of at least 4 prebiotics for proactive gut support.  Prebiotics are a type of fiber that promote good probiotics in the gut.  Different prebiotics tend to work in different ways to accomplish this and is why we use multiple sources in Fido-Vite products.  Some probiotics on the market contain no prebiotics and are only intended for a reactive response to diarrhea.

Check out the article here:

Even though all Fido-Vite supplements are about supporting a healthy microbiome, we want to highlight one in particular, ResQdogz.  ResQdogz is designed to support those especially challenged dogs with diarrhea.  ResQdogz only contains small molecule and hydrolyzed proteins that are easier to digest. ResQdogz contains NO chicken fat or chicken protein.  ResQdogz has more prebiotic fiber, including pumpkin for fuller stools and also contains the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii for support when Clostridia and colitis are an issue.  Added nucleotides (yeast extract) support healthy intestinal villi that may have been challenged by diarrhea.  Once diarrhea issues are corrected, dogs in most cases can be transitioned to our other supplements, Fido-Vite, Flexx and SportzDog.