I have been breeding working Giant Schnauzers for 15 years and have had all of my dogs on Dr Meyer’s canine vitamin/mineral supplement since it’s inception. All of my dogs have been extremely healthy and active in AKC agility, obedience, conformation, tracking as well as Schutzhund sport, police-K9 work and Search and rescue. My breeding dogs have produced big healthy puppies who also have gone on to be active healthy working and companion dogs. Every puppy is started on Fido-Vite SportzDog at age 3 weeks and all are sent to their new homes on Fido-Vite SportzDog for their first 2 years to maximize their early development and growth.

I must give Dr Dean Meyer’s vitamin/mineral supplement credit for optimizing the health of my dogs as well as my interest in breeding dogs who have passed the necessary health clearance testing as well as accomplished working titles to prove their worth in the breeding program. THANK YOU DR MEYER! My dogs will continue to be given Fido-vite for optimal nutritional advantage and health.”