Let’s talk about Zinc (Zn).

Our pets are our family, and like our family we want them to stay healthy! What better way than to talk about a trace mineral that is involved in more than 300 different processes in the body. In humans, zinc deficiency is considered a world-wide problem and can definitely be a problem for our pets as well. When it comes to zinc, quality is important as some zinc sources, like zinc oxide have very low availability rates.  Also, other things in the diet, like phytate, will tie-up zinc making it less available to our pet. When looking at a nutrition tag, the Zn level is no indication of availability, and higher levels of lower quality zinc may not improve results.

This same dog 12 weeks apart after being introduced to the same Zn in our products!

How do we know our pets are getting enough Zn? We all want a great coat, but isn’t having a healthy pet what is most important? Well, the hair coat is a leading indicator of overall pet health and an indication that your pet is getting enough Zn!  A pet with a shiny, silky, vibrant, soft hair coat can give you confidence that your pet is healthy on the inside as well! This also translates to better foot pad and hoof health too!

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