“I own a Training and Boarding Kennel near Baraboo WI. and see all kinds of different breeds of dogs. Some which have skin and coat issues. I have suggested Fido-Vite to several of them that I know personally and have seen first hand what this product can do for a dog and help to maintain a healthy immune system. This stuff works.

I also am a Breeder of Hungarian Vizslas. I am on my second litter of pups with the bitch and sire on Fido-Vite. The pups are born strong and moving. My current litter is 4 weeks old and they are running around very alert, very strong and healthy. They are being weaned at this time and I am putting Fido-Vite on their dry food. They dive right in and love the taste.

My hunting dogs are always healthy, fit using Fido-Vite.  The dogs have increased stamina and of course their coats look great. I highly recommend this product. The dogs love the taste, it is cost effective and your dog will be stronger and healthier.

Thank You for such a great product.”

Lee Dosier
Rockwood Kennels
Baraboo WI 53913