Just wanted to give my feedback on your Fido-Vite ResQdogz canine supplement. Having gotten our rescue dog Dallas all the way from Texas, we wanted to make sure that he got off to the best start possible. I could just imagine the stress of the trip, exposure to other stressed dogs, changes in food and water. It’s a lot of change! On the recommendation of Dr. Meyer, I started Dallas out on ResQdogz. Dr. Meyer pointed out the need to support a healthy intestinal tract with probiotics, prebiotics and extra vitamin and chelated trace mineral nutrition. I was also happy to see the addition of turmeric and pumpkin as I had read about the benefits of these ingredients. Dallas really liked the taste and we didn’t see any of the health challenges that I know can come with rescue dogs. Dallas is a happy healthy dog! I would recommend Fido-Vite ResQdogz to anyone looking to take a rescue a dog to its forever home! Thank you, Dr. Meyer for making a great product!