“Hi! My name is Chad Fahey, owner of Charlie’s Bark Park located in Belleville WI. Charlie’s is a multi-faceted pet facility offering overnight boarding, doggy daycare, basic and professional grooming, personal coaching/training, adoption services and pet products.

In overnight boarding situations, it’s common for dogs to have less of an appetite due to the stress or anxiety of being in a new environment or being away from mom and dad. Over the years we have found, with dogs that aren’t interested in their food, adding Fido-Vite to their normal diet entices them to eat! We’ve noticed that 9 out of 10 dogs will start eating and will continue eating their normal schedule throughout the rest of their stay when using Fido-Vite.

Every rescue dog placed in our care is given Fido-Vite during each feeding. After seeing the incredible improvement within my personal pack, I knew this was a product I could stand behind. I have had consistent and noticeable results with this product, from it’s palatability to it’s many health benefits. I recommend Fido-Vite to all of my clients …. from puppies to seniors!”