So, your dog has an ear infection. You go to the veterinarian and your dog is prescribed an antibiotic and before long your dog is better! At least your dog’s ears have cleared up and there appears to be no problems. And then a few weeks go by and suddenly your dog has another ear infection! What is happening? Does my dog have an allergy? Do I need to switch dog foods? What can we do to prevent this from happening? The answer is taking care of the microbiome, as this is where the ear infection problems start!

When we use an antibiotic on our dog, we are to a certain extent, killing the beneficial bacteria along with the harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, the harmful bacteria tend to come back on their own and the beneficial bacteria often times need to be put back! This is what you are doing when you supplement with Fido-Vite supplements. Beneficial probiotics in the intestinal tract help keep harmony, so harmful bacteria do not overrun the microbiome leading to yeast overgrowth and ultimately another ear infection! Fido-Vite supplements also use multiple prebiotics that support probiotics in different ways along with other ingredients to optimize probiotic microbiome formation. A healthy microbiome is a
recipe for better digestion, a stronger immune system, healthier stools, less yeast problems and ultimately less ear infection problems! And if your dog does get an ear infection, be sure to follow up any medication seamlessly with a Fido-Vite supplement to put the beneficial probiotics back!

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