Equi-Shine Granular 25 LB BAG (Basic Balanced Vitamin Mineral Supplement)


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Equi-Shine Granular 25 LB BAG

Basic Vitamin Mineral Supplement for all class of horses.

Equi-Shine granular supplement is packed with essential vitamins and minerals,  A must for horses on low grain or poor quality forage diets.

Guaranteed Analysis
(% or minimum per pound):

Calcium min ….. 12.5%
Calcium max …..15.0%
Phosphorus min …..8.0%
Salt min …..8.5%
Salt max …..9.5%
Magnesium min …..0.6%
Potassium min …..0.6 %
Copper min …..1990 ppm
Selenium min …..35 ppm
Zinc min……6000 ppm
Vitamin A min ….. 280,000 IU/lb


Class of Horse Ounces Fed Per day

Birth to Weanling 1 to 1.5 oz
Weanling to Yearling 2 oz
Yearling to training 3 oz
During training 4 oz
Idle (Maintenance/Non-training) 2 oz
Gestation 4 oz
Lactation 4 oz
Barren Mares 2 oz
Breeding Season 4 oz
Idle (Maintenance/Non-Breeding) 2 oz

For Miniature Horses, feed at 25% of appropriate rate.
For Draft Horses, feed at 125% of appropriate rate.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in