“Hi! My name is Chad Fahey, owner of Charlie’s Bark Park located in Belleville WI. Charlie’s is a multi-faceted pet facility offering overnight boarding, doggy daycare, basic and professional grooming, personal coaching/training, adoption services and pet products.

In overnight boarding situations, it’s common for dogs to have less of an appetite due to the stress or anxiety of being in a new environment or being away from mom and dad. Over the years we have found, with dogs that aren’t interested in their food, adding Fido-Vite to their normal diet entices them to eat! We’ve noticed that 9 out of 10 dogs will start eating and will continue eating their normal schedule throughout the rest of their stay when using Fido-Vite.

Every rescue dog placed in our care is given Fido-Vite during each feeding. After seeing the incredible improvement within my personal pack, I knew this was a product I could stand behind. I have had consistent and noticeable results with this product, from it’s palatability to it’s many health benefits. I recommend Fido-Vite to all of my clients …. from puppies to seniors!”

Chad Fahey

“OK…Everyone listen up Fido-Vite is the most wonderful supplement out there !!! We have 5 labs and raise labs !! All of our labs take Fido-Vite and we were absolutely awestruck by how clean all of their teeth are. We all know that the number 1 cause of heart and kidney disease in dogs stems from bad oral health, so there ya go…..get those puppies on Fido-Vite !!! You won’t be sorry !!! They love it too ! It comes as a powder and you just sprinkle it over the food !!  This product has soooo many benefits !!!! You won’t be sorry if you give it a try !!! Also you can visit me on Mamaslabs.com to see how beautiful our labs look on Fido-Vite.”

Debbie Lenon

“I own a Training and Boarding Kennel near Baraboo WI. and see all kinds of different breeds of dogs. Some which have skin and coat issues. I have suggested Fido-Vite to several of them that I know personally and have seen first hand what this product can do for a dog and help to maintain a healthy immune system. This stuff works.

I also am a Breeder of Hungarian Vizslas. I am on my second litter of pups with the bitch and sire on Fido-Vite. The pups are born strong and moving. My current litter is 4 weeks old and they are running around very alert, very strong and healthy. They are being weaned at this time and I am putting Fido-Vite on their dry food. They dive right in and love the taste.

My hunting dogs are always healthy, fit using Fido-Vite.  The dogs have increased stamina and of course their coats look great.

I highly recommend this product. The dogs love the taste, it is cost effective and your dog will be stronger and healthier.

Thank You for such a great product.”

Lee Dosier
Rockwood Kennels
Baraboo WI 53913

Lee Dosier – Rockwood Kennels

“I started using Fido-Vite when my dog had recurring skin problems. Since using Fido-Vite not only has their skin coat gotten healthier, but I’ve noticed a change in attitude, and they actually seem happier. I would recommend this product to anyone asking my advice on having a healthier dog.”

JH – Verona, Wisconsin

“My dog will be on Fido Vite Flexx as long as she is with me. Everywhere we go, people comment on her coat saying “She is so shiny and smooth! Has she just been groomed?” I laugh because she is a ‘farm dog’ and hasn’t been bathed in months and months. She is happier and healthier than she has been in over a year. I don’t think I’d still have my dog today if it weren’t for my friend the nutritionist and the quality products she suggested. Thank you for making such a product available.”

Carissa Rivara — Oshkosh, WI

I own a small grooming shop in Cambridge, Wisconsin and I hosted a dog event where a rep from Fido-Vite had rented a booth. I decided to try it because I have a 13 yr old Rottweiler, who had what I call “old dog dandruff” which drove me nuts as a groomer. No matter what I bathed her with or what food I fed, it was always there, along with bad eye drainage. All my dogs have been on Fido-Vite for 2 months and it has supported a healthy normal hair coat. It has greatly reduced the shedding of all my dogs and their coats are shiny. I am so impressed with Fido-Vite, that I now sell it in my shop to owners of dogs and I am able to see good results on my customer’s dogs.

Julie Anderson – Rover Makeovers

The longer we have been using Fido-Vite the more pleased we are. Our yellow lab, Otis, has been taking the supplement for 4 months now. He has not had a “Blow-Out” since we began adding it to his food. His bowels have settled down and he is finally sleeping through the night, again. (I would have to take him out 1 – 2 times every night.) We had moved him & his kennel to the garage as it was so much easier to clean the kennel by moving it outside from the garage. We allowed him back in the house 4 weeks ago, and now he is sleeping in the house, again, because he quit barking to go out at night.

Thank you so much for talking with me about Fido-Vite and I would be glad to recommend it to anyone with a dog to support a healthy intestinal tract.

Cathy Steele – Waupun

This is the story of Rosie, a small black dog that traveled with me to the USA. Rosie seemed to settle down in her new environment, but it was worrying to see her lack of interest in food. Rosie continued to lose weight and her coat lost it’s shine. After the first sprinkling of Fido-Vite, Rosie sniffed her food with interest and then cautiously began to eat! After that, we never looked back. Rosie has put on weight and looks like her old self again. Bravo Fido-Vite for supporting Rosie’s appetite!

Anne Meyer – Beaver Dam, WI

I started using Fido-Vite when my dog had recurring skin problems. Since using Fido-Vite to support a healthy hair coat, I’ve also noticed a increase in energy as they actually seem happier and have a brighter attitude. I would recommend this product to anyone asking my advice on having a healthier dog.

Dr. Jennifer Hamilton – Lodi, WI

Just a note to let you know, we started our Boxer on Fido-Vite this week. As far as taste goes, she LOVES it and as it is visible on the kitchen counter- she has been begging for more. I thought you might get a kick out of this. Have a great day!! I will email you in a few weeks as to her progress. Many thanks and kind regards.

Kristi Erwin – Deforest, WI

Hey this stuff really works. About 4 weeks ago, during the floods in south central Wisconsin, my dog started to get sick. He had very runny stool to the point where I couldn’t even leave him for more then 3 hours or he would soil himself or his crate. After a week and a half of this I received a product called Fido-Vite, and told to give it to my dog and see if it would help. Boy, did it ever help, after about the second day of being on it my dog was back to being happy and energetic. He still has not had any other reoccurring problems. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody whose dog may be feeling under the weather to help support a healthy intestinal tract and immunity. It works superbly, and in just a short time.

Justin Huelsemann – Baraboo, WI

Since I have been mixing the Fido-Vite with Chico’s food, his appetite is normal and wants to eat. Before, Chico could go a week or so without eating more than a few kibbles. I was constantly mixing bacon grease, hamburger grease or canned dog food in his dry food, bribing him to eat. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Now, he gets excited every time I bring his food dish to his kennel. I appreciate the supplement! Thanks

Officer Katy Carter K-9 Unit – Sauk Prairie Police Dept.

I have a three year old Viszla “Yaeger” that has allergic bronchitis. He has been on Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatments with success for the last year. His coughing has improved 90% with these treatments, but he still honks when he gets excited. After the addition of Fido-Vite to his diet for the last month I noticed further improvement in his coughing episodes. He only coughs 5% of the time anymore. I attribute the probiotics and additional vitamins to his diet to strenghthening his immune system and improve the immune fighting qualities of his intestinal tract. Thanks Fido-Vite for helping me treat my dog with natural products instead of medications.

Sabine Hartmann DVM — Loyal, WI

I have been breeding working Giant Schnauzers for 15 years and have had all of my dogs on Dr Meyer’s canine vitamin/mineral supplement since it’s inception. All of my dogs have been extremely healthy and active in AKC agility, obedience, conformation, tracking as well as Schutzhund sport, police-K9 work and Search and rescue. My breeding dogs have produced big healthy puppies who also have gone on to be active healthy working and companion dogs. Every puppy is started on Fido-Vite at age 3 weeks and all are sent to their new homes on Fido-Vite for their first 2 years to maximize their early development and growth.

I must give Dr Dean Meyer’s vitamin/mineral supplement credit for optimizing the health of my dogs as well as my interest in breeding dogs who have passed the necessary health clearance testing as well as accomplished working titles to prove their worth in the breeding program. THANK YOU DR MEYER! My dogs will continue to be given Fido-vite for optimal nutritional advantage and health.”

Mary E. Falls
Classic Giant Schnauzers of Easentaigh
S5560 Bluff Rd, Baraboo WI 53913
(608) 356-6642

Mary E. Falls – Classic Giant Schnauzers of Easentaigh