Dog Haircoat Quality and Season Change

As the season begins to change and cold weather approaches, most of us will find ourselves along with our 4-legged family members spending more and more time indoors. Escaping the cold climate will make our pets feel warm and cozy, but it could come at the cost of your dog’s hair coat and skin health. Dry, arid air, being circulated by your homes furnace could cause your dog to develop skin irritations, hotspots, redness, excessive itching, and dandruff. Fido-Vite Products are a great way to alleviate these symptoms that your dog haircoat may face.

When we look at skin and hair integrity, Zinc and Manganese are two trace minerals that are extremely important for overall hair and skin health. All Fido-Vite products contain organic versions of Zinc and Manganese, which are the most readily and highly absorbable forms of these minerals. Supplementing highly available trace minerals and vitamins will aid in skin and haircoat integrity and may also increase the luster and vibrance of your dog’s haircoat. Fido-Vite products also contain coconut oil, which has been shown to relieve dryness and flaking, therefore controlling, and reducing any dandruff your dog may experience. Fido-Vite SportzDog contains Omega 3’s, reducing the risk of skin irritation, hotspots, and may even decrease shedding.

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Let there be a winter wonderland outside your house this winter, not inside it! Give the gift of haircoat health this winter with Fido-Vite!