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I had a chance to meet Dr. Meyer at the Equine Affair earlier this year, where we discussed my horses diet and ran it though a ration analyzer program. After that, he recommend a few changes to the diet and to include Equi-Shine as a supplement. What a dramatic difference! Thanks for the help!

- Andy Carson

Like many breeders, we were concerned about the well-being of our aging stallion, Boomer. Although Boomer had good quality hay and pelleted senior feed for his calorie requirements, as well as a regular dental program, I was worried about what seemed like an irreversible loss of flesh and condition, poor coat quality, and declining energy and mobility. In March 2006, Boomer was started on Equi-Shine Jump Start, Rice Bran and Daily Start Probiotic supplements. The change that Equi-Shine supplements has made in him in one short year is dramatic, as his before and after pictures show.

He has improved in flesh and overall condition, without becoming fat, his coat has regained its natural shine and softness, and most important to me, both his mobility and energy are that of a sound, much younger horse. It is hard to believe that the horse in the “after” picture turned 30 years old in 2007. I have learned that the decline we were seeing was preventable with proper nutritional supplements, and I highly recommend that you use Equi-Shine products if you want to see the same benefits for your horses. If you have any questions about what Equi-Shine supplements did for Boomer, you can contact me directly.

- Heidi Harvey Oldfield Morgans

I am with Hobby Hill Farm, we were the booth across from you at the Ohio Equine Affair. I wanted to give you an update on my 27 year old pony, Thunder, whom I’ve owned for the past 22 years. He’s the “pre-cushings” pony. He has been on the Equi-Shine Ultimate, Myo-Ease Plus and the Daily Start Probiotic since mid-April. The changes in his body condition and attitude are already significant. He has never been a chunky pony, but before starting him on the Equi-Shine products, he was under weight, very lethargic and his disposition was dull.

I took your advice and cut his grain back to less than about a pound a day. I introduced vegetable oil into his diet and am giving him the recommended amount of the supplements once a day. His water intake has decreased drastically and I have since discontinued the Pergolide, with no complications thus far. Within the last few weeks, Thunder has been getting more and more like he was ten years ago. He has attitude and spunk. It’s nice to have the old boy feeling better.

I can’t say enough about Equi-Shine supplements. They have allowed my daughter to be able to ride the pony that I rode as a child. He’s a great friend to me and I want to keep him happy and healthy. I’ve found the answer with Equi-Shine products. I will continue to keep you updated on his progress and send you more photos of his body condition as it improves.

Thank you so much.

- Layla Georgopoulos

Fido-Vite, Cat Biotic and Equi-Shine products are hands down the best supplements out there. Dogs and horses have always had the Doctors Choice Supplements and was ecstatic when Cat Biotic came out! Our kitty does fabulous on it! He simply will not eat his food without the Cat Biotic on top! Thanks for making a fabulous product!

- Olivia Lamont - Columbus, WI

My Appendix gelding was very prone to loose stool, ulcers, and was a hard keeper when I first bought him. After around 2 months of being on Daily Start probiotic supplement he completely transformed! He gained a ton of weight, his coat got super shiny, his ulcers healed and went away and haven’t returned. It was like night and day! I now have all my horses on this supplement to keep them healthy and happy, I recommend this to anybody who is looking to start their horses on a probiotic supplement, as this is the best one I have found!

- M. Elvert - Prairie du Sac, WI

Just want to send a quick note to thank you for producing amazing products.  My horse has been on Ultimate and GI Health and her hair coat has the best shine.  Take a look at her glow after she was body clipped to compete at our Nationals.  Best product ever.

- Jenny Thompson
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